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Key facts in English

LR Fahrzeugbau is active in four areas of business and particularly for the automobile industry:

• Exhibits and Prototypes
• Sheet Metal Component Manufacturing
• Vehicle Body
• Innovative Manufacturing Technologies

LR Fahrzeugbau distinguishes itself through first class quality, short lead times and high reliability. With over 35 years of know-how, up-to-date machinery LR Fahrzeugbau is able to provide competent and cost efficient solutions to master all our client’s challenges.

Check out the abilities of LR Fahrzeugbau and become another loyal customer!

Exhibits and Prototypes
From the hand pattern up to the series - LR Fahrzeugbau is your supplier!

Exhibits allow insight into the operation of a technical system. Perfect technical implementation and high-quality surfaces, supported by multimedia animation make these exhibits an optical experience and a highlite in each show.
From design sketch and first sample to complete exhibits, LR Fahrzeugbau is an experienced partner. No matter if portable sample cases for sales force or entire vehicles, with complete moving powertrain for worldwide exhibition purposes – the individuality of an exhibit is as broad as the variety of products.

Sheet Metal Component Manufacturing
Competence – from sample to series.

LR Fahrzeugbau offers the complete manufacturing process from one source. This way all links in the process chain, including price and delivery date, may be adapted to ideally meet our client’s expectations.
The implemented process monitoring ensures constant transparency of the manufacturing status and the possibility to quickly implement modifications.  A continuous flow of information and client support are very important for LR Fahrzeugbau. This is also emphasized through the quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Vehicle Body
From vehicle conversion and restoration up to conversion to electric mobility.

Vehicle conversion is carried out according to customer requirements in any version. All technically possible changes can be implemented. Redesign of the interior, modification of attachements, optimization of engine or transmission, redesign of the body up to the complete conversion to electric drive. All wishes are taken into account. Complete vehicle tests and approvals can be taken over.

Restoration in partial scopes or complete restoration. Replacement parts that are no longer on the market are 1:1 replicated and installed. Preparation of expert reports and new registrations are taken on request. Restoration of all vehicle variants and vehicle models possible, including two-wheeler.

Innovative Manufacturing Technologies
lightweight construction, functional materials, recyclable materials 

Machining of composites such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) or combined lightweight materials (stacks) for components with the highest standards of design, strength and weight. Furthermore, combined machining of workpieces made of composite materials in conjunction with metallic materials, such as aluminum alloys or high-strength steel grades.

Examination of the applicability of recyclable materials including the definition of possible manufacturing processes.

3D laser welding offers a multitude of advantages. The method is geometry-independent and provides high accuracy. Due to the small heat affected zones, only a slight distortion is to be expected. In addition to conventionally weldable materials, there are possibilities of welding non-ferrous materials and special materials.
Laser welding of gear parts, housings, shift forks, gears, stator, battery cells and cell connectors and assemblies.